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Voice-Over Masterclass:

If you are here, it is because you are considering taking a voice or speech course. You may have already done your first steps in a local radio station, have recorded your own podcasts, or simply visualize yourself behind the mikes and think that there is your place.

Well, we offer a comprehensive Voice-Over Masterclass. The main thing you will learn in these courses, also the most important thing for the speaking profession, is to speak correctly and to adapt your voice to the medium in which you are going to work. Therefore, you should learn vocalization, voice imposition, modulation, interpretation, etc.

You can have a very personal voice and many resources of all kinds, but when you work with it not only does that count, it has to be understood perfectly and make it attract the listener.

In addition, depending on the course, you will learn to make scripts for radio, dubbing, locution for advertising ... since each field has its technique.

Is it necessary to take a voice-over course to work as an online announcer?

In principle, it does not have to be necessary. What will be necessary is that you use your voice very well as a work tool. This means that you can have a good voice and transmit correctly from different formations.

At Gemini Multimedia (geminimultimedia.org), we offer these courses On-site as well as Remote. The course can be online, but our contact with the trainer is essential, even through private sessions via Skype, Zoom, or similar.

Here is the link to one of our Voice-Over Master Class samples:


Other Multimedia Services: 

Also, we offer different types of multimedia services like:

Video production:

We create Visual Stories which help brands to connect with their customers and bring them together. Our video production services cover a wide range of customized solutions.

2D/3D animation:

Gemini Multimedia is one of the trusted animation companies. We offer a wide array of animation services. We are experts in creating both 2D and 3D animations that can be used for product demos, videos, movies, portraits, medical illustrations, animatics, company logos, etc. Also, you can use them for official purposes like websites, applications, demo, business presentations, etc.


With the motive to offer the greatest gratifications to our customers, we provide a professional documentary and film-making service at the best cheapest prices.

Video Commercials:

Are you looking for quality and professional video commercial services? Do not hesitate to contact us at Gemini Multimedia. We are one of the commercial video production companies in Africa that drive results to your business such as Corporate Videos, Marketing Videos, TV Commercials, and more.