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Conference Interpreting Services:

Interpreting is an intriguing profession for many people. Interpreting is an intriguing profession for many people. In short: interpreting is passing a message from one language to another orally.

The usefulness of interpretation lies in the fact that speakers express themselves better in their mother tongue, and listeners better grasp the nuances of their language.

On-Site Simultaneous Interpreting:

Gemini Multimedia to deliver professional face-to-face on-site simultaneous interpreting services for your in-person meetings – Anytime. Anywhere. Any Industry. 

Whenever you need on-site simultaneous interpreting services to help you to communicate across cultures or borders, we will provide you the best and professional interpreter.

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI):

As remote working has become increasingly popular in recent years, it should come as no surprise that the phenomenon of working from home is slowly creeping into the translation and interpreting industry, especially as it can benefit the client so much. Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI) is a perfect example.

Corporate English Classes:

Technology has allowed us to ask ourselves which is better, on-site face-to-face corporate English classes or online classes. It is a great advantage of our time that we have different learning modalities, but also thanks to all the options it is sometimes difficult to choose.

On-site Corporate English Classes:

On-site face-to-face corporate English classes are any course that requires both teacher and student to be physically in the same place, that is, the type of traditional class known to all.

Virtual Corporate English Classes:

Online or Virtual Corporate English classes are all those teaching pieces that can be taken by devices such as cell phones, tablets, or computers. They can be from recorded classes to live interactive activities that lead to virtual teaching or practice of the English language.

Advantages of On-site Corporate English Classes:

- You learn body language. Every time we talk to a person, we not only hear words, but we also see gestures and movements that help us better understand what they are saying to us. In the case of on-site face-to-face English classes, we can acquire nuances, postures, and body positions that help us to better convey our message in English.

- There is an exchange of ideas. Although there are individual face-to-face classes, the most common is to have classmates in a classroom. This allows for the exchange of knowledge or advice between students to help them advance optimally in the mastery of the language.

- They reduce distractions. A face-to-face English class is usually taken in a room that has been specially prepared for this activity. Thanks to this, it facilitates the attention and the obtaining of new knowledge.

Advantages of Virtual Corporate English Classes:

- There are no trips or fixed schedules. By its nature, you can take your English classes virtually whenever you decide, whether you are waiting your turn at the dentist or on a road bus trip, you only need an internet connection.

- You have constant training. Online courses are available 24/7. It doesn't matter if it's September 16, Christmas, or any other Sunday. If you feel like learning, you can do it.

- You learn from professionals. There are online English courses taught by recognized professionals and thanks to the magic of technology you can take their classes without having to go to their countries.

- It brings you closer to new technologies. Online English classes are constantly evolving, as is the technology itself, so you can find new options on emerging social media or on new devices.

English for Specific Purposes (ESP):

We provide Corporate English Classes for all types of business sectors that include:

- Accounting

- Agribusiness/Agriculture

- Air Force

- Architecture

- Art & Design

- Banking

- Beauty Salon

- Biomedical Sciences

- Business Studies

- Civil Aviation

- Command & Control

- Commerce

- Construction

- Construction I Buidings

- Construction II Roads & Highway

- Economics

- Electrical Engineering

- Electrician

- Electronics

- Engineering

- Environmental Science

- Finance

- Hotel Industry


- Islamic Studies

- Job-Hunting

- Law Management

- Marketing

- Mechanical Engineering

- Medicine

- Natural Resources

- Nursing

- Oil and Gas

- Police

- Psychology

- Public Relations

- Secretarial

- Software

- Sports

- Tourism and Hospitality

Learning English quickly and easily, online or in person, at home or in the classroom, in groups or individually, on a Saturday or during the week, is easy at Gemini Multimedia. We offer both types of corporate English classes – On-site face-to-face and Virtual. Contact us for more info.

Online Jobs Awareness and Training:

Economic growth has the power to transform societies, increase incomes, and enable citizens to prosper, but growth alone is not enough. To reduce poverty and guarantee shared prosperity, growth needs to create more jobs and for them to be of better quality and more inclusive, as they are the surest path out of poverty. And that is the main objective of Gemini Multimedia (geminimultimedia.org).

We are here to empower Africans about online job opportunities.

Zoom training and webinars on various online job opportunities:

The traditional ways of working in an office that was the basis of world development in the 20th century. It has been transformed thanks to the new communication tools that came with the internet and today they are part of the daily life of human beings, considerably improving the work environment of companies, today there is work from home.

This technological change in the transmission, reception, consumption of information, and data analysis, has generated fundamental changes in the way of life of people.

One of them and perhaps the most revolutionary is working from home, a new form of telecommuting using the internet, which is becoming more widely accepted and overcrowded on the planet every day. That allows employees to become entrepreneurs. Currently, large organizations such as Apple apply it and an increasing percentage of their staff is made up of home workers.

In recent years, among other interventions, the World Bank has supported employment programs in the countries like Africa, providing professional training to job seekers, financing loans for micro and small businesses, and mobilizing financing to support job growth in the private sector.

If you have no idea about online jobs, do not worry! At Gemini Multimedia (geminimultimedia.org), we organize Zoom training and webinars on various online job opportunities so that you can understand and learn how to do it.

Advantages of online jobs:

- Work without stress.

- The worker is no longer an employee. He becomes an entrepreneur who owns his own time and effort.

- You do not require investing in transportation.

- It is a hybrid job (Home-Office) that allows you to supplement your monthly income and develop other activities.

- You have clients requesting your service, not bosses.

- You can choose the place and time to work

- It's independent.

- Autonomy in your decisions.

Our mission of online jobs awareness and training:

At Gemini Multimedia, we offer the exclusive online jobs awareness and training program because our main mission is to help Africans fight against poverty. We provide complete training so that you can get online jobs in the following sectors. Get in touch with us to know more about our services.

Non-exhaustive List of online jobs:

- Account Management Jobs

- Accounting & Finance Jobs

- Administrative Jobs

- Advertising & PR Jobs

- Animals & Wildlife Jobs

- Art & Creative Jobs

- Bilingual Jobs

- Business Development Jobs

- Call Center Jobs

- Communications Jobs

- Computer & IT Jobs

- Consulting Jobs

- Customer Service Jobs

- Data Entry Jobs

- Editing Jobs

- Education & Training Jobs

- Engineering Jobs

- Entertainment & Media Jobs

- Environmental & Green Jobs

- Event Planning Jobs

- Fashion & Beauty Jobs

- Food & Beverage Jobs

- Government & Politics Jobs

- Graphic Design Jobs

- HR & Recruiting Jobs

- Human Services Jobs

- Insurance Jobs

- International Jobs

- Internet & Ecommerce Jobs

- Legal Jobs

- Manufacturing Jobs

- Marketing Jobs

- Math & Economics Jobs

- Medical & Health Jobs

- Mortgage & Real Estate Jobs

- News & Journalism Jobs

- Nonprofit & Philanthropy Jobs

- Operations Jobs

- Photography Jobs

- Project Management Jobs

- Programming Jobs

- Research Jobs

- Retail Jobs

- Sales Jobs

- Science Jobs

- Software Development Jobs

- Sports & Fitness Jobs

- Teaching and Tutoring Jobs

- Telemarketing Jobs