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At geminimedia.org, we maintain a wide network of professional voiceovers

Voice-over and Multimedia Services:

At Gemini Multimedia (geminimultimedia.org), we maintain a wide network of professional voiceovers. Regardless of whether you need a material that includes film/television, audio-only, internet, eLearning / training documentation, or any other type of multimedia material, our native voice-over actors have the experience and knowledge necessary to get your message across to the global marketplace and local communities with the style, tone, and voice of your choice.
- Lip Sync.
- Documentary approach.
- Voice-over narration.
We offer specialist technical supervisors who will ensure perfect time synchronization, excellent sound, and the best quality of voice-over production. We can help you meet your needs in any location, for example in our own studios or in customer / third party production facilities.
Final deliverables will be available in all common and industry-standard media file formats.

Our services:

We offer all types of Voice-over and Multimedia Services – That include:

- Transcription;
- 3D animation and illustration;
- Subtitled;
- Hidden subtitling;
- Voice-over;
- Dubbing;
- Video creation